Halloween: Resurrection

release year: 2002
genre: horror
viewing setting: home cable 10/25/06 and theater, 7/12/02

synopsis: That wasn't really Michael Myers who got killed in the last one, and hosting a webcast from his old house proves to be a really bad idea.

impressions: Basic horror entertainment for me, meaning it kept my attention and did its job. There were some genuine scares and some false ones, and a bit of humor and titillation. We also get a brief Jamie Lee Curtis appearance as well as a rational explanation for how Michael Myers could still be alive - a nice continuity touch, compared to some of that Freddy Krueger crap where no one even tries to explain how the last movie transitioned into the current one. I had some trouble with some of the things thrown into the house - were they all real or just part of the staged webcast? It was never completely explained. Speaking of that...this movie's plot was so heavily tied into the internet-cameras-palmpilot-realityTV thing (which I personally hate) that I was actually GLAD to see the victims perish.

body count: 10. Multiple impalements, multiple decapitations, several stabbings, one head-crushing. The Shape was rather brutal this time - all business.

things to watch for: I thought the dual Shapes scene was interesting.

acting: Jamie Lee Curtis looks haggard in her brief time, but I think that was the intention; her character did do one REALLY stupid thing. Busta Rhymes was entertaining, though I don't care for the recent trend of rappers triumphing over psychos and monsters in these sorts of movies. The kids who got to stay in the house for the webcast were ok, I remember them as "geek kid", "music major", "stupid journalism major", and so on. Tyra Banks was nothing more than eye candy here. Brad Loree, who played the Shape, was menacing, though the mask was all wrong (you can see his eyeballs!)

final word: Decent, but imperfectly executed sequel to one of the greatest original horror movies of all time.

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