The Hangover

Stu: "Why don't we remember a damn thing from last night?"
Phil: "Obviously because we had a great f****** time."

release year: 2009
genre: comedy
viewing setting: home Bluray 11/21/13

synopsis: Four friends go to Vegas for a one-night bachelor party, and wake up the next morning in a wrecked hotel room with a baby, a tiger, and one of the four missing - and they have no memory of what happened.

impressions: This was pretty funny. There were some crazy parts, and some crude humor, but overall it was a watchable adventure as they sift through the clues to try and figure out what the hell happened and where Doug went. I'll check out the two sequels.

things to watch for: The baby was pretty cool.

acting: Bradley Cooper was the most reckless of the guys. Ed Helms was the serious one who worried about everything. Zack Galifanakis was the goofy, half-witted one. Justin Bartha was the groom, who spent most of the movie missing. Heather Graham was the stripper who somehow got married to one of the guys during the forgotten night. Ken Jeong was the weird little flamboyant Chinese gangster. Jeffrey Tambor was the old but humorous father of the bride. Rachael Harris was one of the guys' bitchy girlfriends. Mike Tyson appeared as himself.

final word: Funny, crazy, worth seeing.

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