release year: 2001
genre: suspense/drama/horror
viewing setting: home VHS (sic) 8/29/01 and theater, 2/16/01
what I expected: cool sequel
what I got: chilling sequel

synopsis:  While the evil Dr. Hannibal Lecter has been missing for ten years, the career of the agent who caught him is going down the crapper. Then someone happens to discover where Dr. Lecter is, and things get nasty.

impressions:  Slow at times, but this sort of movie derives its horror as much from the setup as from the events. It had some violent, gory parts, and one part at the very end that really made me mad (not because of gore - because of one character's stupidity.) All in all, though, it was a worthy (if dark) sequel.

acting:  This movie belongs to Anthony Hopkins, who receives well-deserved accolades for roles such as this. The rest were fine, notably Gary Oldman as a disfigured millionaire who wants revenge on Dr. Lecter. Julianne Moore was a lot like Jodie Foster in her portrayal of Clarice Starling, which is unfortunate since I hate the character, her accent, and her behavior.

final word: Grim, seedy, violent, depressing, gory - a good exposition of the dark side of human nature.

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