Hard Rain

release year: 1998
genre: action/adventure/disaster
viewing setting: theater, 1/24/98
what I expected: a flood movie with some action
what I got: pretty much that

synopsis: In a small, flooded, evacuated town, an armored car robbery goes bad, leaving one guard to fend off bandits as well as corrupt officials.

impressions: This was a basic, well-written, well-filmed action movie. I do have to say that it's probably got the most flood footage & filming of any movie ever filmed. I mean, the ENTIRE movie takes place in or under water! Some good stunts and lines make this film entertaining.

acting: Christian Slater: punk, but getting better roles these days. He does okay. Morgan Freeman has a more standout role, though; he doesn't usually do characters like this, which makes his role even more fun.

final word: Worth watching, it's a fairly entertaining action movie.

rating: C+

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