The House on Haunted Hill

release year: 1999
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/4/00
what I expected: no idea
what I got: weird modern horror film

synopsis: A bunch of strangers are invited to spend the night in a haunted house to get a million dollars. Too bad for them that the house isn't just haunted, but lethally so.

impressions: Weird and senseless, but entertaining. There was some confusion for a while as to whether the house was actually haunted or not, but things got resolved fairly speedily. There was a fair bit of gore, and some creepy stuff. Still, with the way society has been hardened to horror movies, I have to wonder if it's even possible to scare people anymore.

acting: Pretty good; standouts include the amusement park owner and the caretaker.

final word: Should provide scares aplenty, and is entertaining, but not outstanding.

rating: C

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