release year: 2011
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home Bluray, 2/19/13

synopsis: Super-spy Mallory is planning to quit, but agrees to one last job in which she gets betrayed as they try to kill her.

impressions: This was a somewhat-confusing spy movie sprinkled with good action scenes. The plot was hard to follow at times and contained multiple twists. There are three good chases (one on foot, one on foot over rooftops, and one with cars in the snow.)

guys beaten up by Gina Carano: 7

activation point: 43:20 - this is when Mallory is betrayed

acting: Gina Carano did a good job with the fight scenes and other physical stuff; they should have given her more of that to do. Ewan McGregor is her ex, who's also a treacherous employer. Michael Fassbender is a fellow assassin. Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas are shady government types. Channing Tatum is another, helpful agent. Bill Paxton has a minor, quiet role as Mallory's father.

final word: xxxx

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