release year: 1985
genre: fantasy
viewing setting: most recently, home DVD, 10/1/10

synopsis: Connor MacLeod was born in Scotland in 1524, and he is immortal, one of a select few who don't age, who live forever - unless another of their kind decapitates them in order to gain their power and knowledge. Connor, as well as others like him, is drawn to New York for the Gathering, after which there will be only one, who will receive untold power.

impressions: In many ways, this is a unique film. It works both as an epic fantasy (complete with flashbacks to centuries past) and an action movie, and sometimes as a comedy. It's spawned a TV series, which sometimes approaches the original movie in sheer neatness. In a way, this is everyone's dream: to live forever, never getting old, never getting sick, traveling and adventuring and living and loving for centuries on end. Of course, there is the problem of other immortals coming for your head. Good stuff.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A two-handed sword that comes "some assembly required"

acting: Christopher Lambert created a legendary role here, even if his acting wasn't spectacular. Clancy Brown also does a good job as the hulking Kurgan, evildoer supreme. Sean Connery turns in an outstanding performance as Connor's teacher and fellow immortal Ramirez.

final word: This is an epic fantasy tale set in both the past and present; you must see it.

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