Highlander 2: The Quickening

release year: 1991
genre: fantasy/sci-fi
viewing setting: I really can't recall
what I expected: a sequel, perhaps?
what I got: a really bad sequel

synopsis: It's 2025, and Connor MacLeod is just an old man after the events of the first movie. However, he (and his supposedly-deceased mentor Ramirez) end up fighting against the evil General Katana, who like them is from the faraway planet Zeist.

impressions: On its own, this isn't a bad sci-fi movie. As a sequel to Highlander, though, it's a piece of crap. Immortals really being aliens from another planet? Dead characters coming back to life? I mean, what were they thinking?!?

acting: Christopher Lambert gives a similar, though inferior, performance as Connor compared to his first. Sean Connery is in good form, and rises above the script's limitations. Michael Ironside is sufficiently evil as Katana.

final word: Bad sequel. This is how not to do it.

special note: This movie is also available in the Renegade Version which is said to be better, with a lot of the horseshit edited out. I'll let you know.

rating: D

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