Highlander: Endgame

release year: 2000
genre: fantasy/action
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/17/01
what I expected: another bad sequel
what I got: better than that, but not what was needed to redeem the last 2 movies

synopsis: The immortal Game is afoot once more, and this time the evil immortal is killing everyone he can without regard for the rules. Can the movie highlander and the TV highlander team up to stop him?

impressions: Understand: you have to know something about the Highlander mythos to get this movie. In fact, you really need to have watched the TV series, since the real hero here is its star Duncan. Anyway, those who know of things Highlander will understand my next comments: This movie didn't suck in the way that the 2nd and 3rd ones did, in that there were no aliens and no magic involved. However, this movie did trash the rules that have become sacred to the TV show and in a lesser sense, the movies: there was fighting on holy ground, there was many-against-one, there was a multiple quickening...stuff like that. I happen to like Highlander, in general, and this movie didn't feel quite right. I suspect that opinion will sum it up for other fans of the show; as for those who never saw it, they probably won't be able to make heads or tails of this movie. There were some high points: I did like the idea of the Sanctuary, and as usual, the flashbacks to times past are fun to see.

acting: Decent. Christopher Lambert portrays the old, tired Connor MacLeod one last time. Adrian Paul is his kinsman, Duncan - a role he shaped and mastered over 6 seasons of the TV show. Bruce Payne plays the evil immortal Kell, over the top as this actor's roles always tend to be. Donnie Yen is an acrobatic martial artist type, and his scenes are really the high point of the movie, action-wise. Lisa Barbuscia plays some hot chick immortal who's easy on the eyes.

final word: Moderately capable of satisfying fans of the show and/or movies, may not have much value to others.

rating: C