Highlander: the series pilot episode

release year: 1991, TV
genre: fantasy/drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/27/03

synopsis: Duncan MacLeod has lived for 400 years, one of a race of immortals who can only be killed by beheading, when the victorious immortal takes their power and experience. He's out of the fight, having settled down with a mortal woman who he loves...but all of that changes when a big, mean immortal comes headhunting.

impressions: A worthy start to what turned out to be a great TV series. There's something neat about the concept of people who don't age or stay wounded, some of whom have been around since medieval times or earlier. This pilot uses the movie character of Connor MacLeod to bridge the movie and TV worlds, and it works well. The villain was somewhat derivative, but that was necessary to show the importance of an immortal's need to stay sharp and not get complacent.

things to watch for: The swordfight on the bridge at the end.

acting: Adrian Paul does a good job in his first of 100+ episodes as Duncan, bringing a more human personality to his immortal than the movies' hero. Speaking of which, Christopher Lambert reprises his Connor character perfectly. Richard Moll is menacing yet sometimes goofy as the hulking goon Slan Quince. Alexandra Vandernoot does a good job as Duncan's mortal love interest.

final word: Good start to a great fantasy series.

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