History of the World, part I

release year: 1981
genre: comedy
viewing setting: home VHS, 8/29/97
what I expected: various bits of period comedy from Mel Brooks
what I got: the same tried-and-true stuff

synopsis: Mel Brooks and (most of) his usual gang take us through different periods in the world's history, in a series of loosely connected skits.

impressions: This film is like a bunch of little plays/shows/whatever strung together end-to-end. There's something for everyone, and possibly something to offend everyone. It's also got a lot of good sets and costumes, not to mention the dance routines (e.g. the Inquisition.)

acting: Mel Brooks is the main character(s) and he does a good job with the various personas. Supporting roles from Gregory Hines, Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman, and others add to the fun.

final word: Often-funny, it's perhaps a classic of its genre...whatever that is.

rating: C+

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