Heavy Metal 2

release year: 2000 direct-to-video
genre: animated fantasy
viewing setting: home VHS, 10/1/00
what I expected: no idea
what I got: something much like the original, but not as good

synopsis: A space miner unearths an ancient key to immortality, it drives him insane as he searches, he ravages a world, and a she-warrior survives and seeks revenge on him.

impressions: Good animation, plenty of violence and gore, not as much nudity as the original movie. Also, this is all one plot, as opposed to the series of short stories in the first one. It was fairly entertaining, and although it doesn't match up to the 1980 movie, it's still worth seeing.

acting: Voices, voices, voices only. I'm surprised that they let Julie Strain speak lines, but she did fine. Michael Ironside has a good evildoer voice.

final word: Entertaining fantasy in the spirit of the original, worth seeing.

rating: C+

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