release year: 2005
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 5/28/06

synopsis: Some fun-loving vacationers are directed to a wild place deep in Europe, where most dreams come true...but all isn't what it seems, and they soon find themselves in a bizarre and horrifying situation.

impressions: I can't tell you much more without giving away the plot. Let's just say that this is a weird, freaky movie with lots of gruesome torture. I don't like movies like this, but once I started watching it, I had to find out what happened. One thing I did like: at a certain point, there was a heavy continuous dose of justified revenge, which means the audience had something to cheer for. They certainly didn't for most of the movie, as even the kids are annoying and stupid most of the time. This movie does a good job of showing how stupid some Americans are when abroad; examples: they are easily duped, they wonder why there are no English subtitles on a movie they see, they think that Amsterdam is there purely to cater to their whims, etc etc.

something this movie has that no other movie has: An eyeball that's popped out and requires snipping...ugh.

acting: Jay Hernandez is the unlikely hero, while Derek Richardson is his somewhat-goofy friend. The true terror of the movie is that these could be any kids from America who travel to the wrong place in Europe.

final word: Disturbing fiction that will probably make carefree world travelers a little more careful about where they go and what they do there.

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