Howling VI: The Freaks

release year: 1991
genre: horror
viewing setting: home VHS, 6/8/00
what I expected: wasn't sure
what I got: somewhat different-from-the-norm horror movie

synopsis: Werewolf tries to get away from it all and settle down in a small town, but a weird carnival shows up and causes problems for him.

impressions: It offered a twist: werewolf vs vampire. Other than that, it was an average horror movie...watchable and decently-done but not exceptional. It featured an array of weirdos in the freakshow, most of them evil and working for the vampire. The special effects for the vampire were good - he had black, rubbery skin and no hair, which actually looked kinda neat.

acting: The vampire was played well by the guy who was the main villain in Passenger 57.

final word: Worth seeing once.

rating: C

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