The Incredible Hulk

release year: 1978 (TV pilot)
genre: drama/action
viewing setting: home DVD, 9/30/03

synopsis: An obsessed scientist bombards himself with radiation, causing his temper to take a tangible form.

impressions: Like most 1970s psuedo-science dramas, this feels a bit dated...but it's still fun to watch. The Hulk here is of a smaller scale than the recent movie version (this one can't throw around tanks and survive falls from the stratosphere) but that makes him more human too. Be warned, action fans: there's not too much real action in this pilot - he just breaks stuff. The human side of the drama was well-done and -acted as well; you have to feel bad for David Banner.

something this movie has that no other movie has: The gamma radiation ray device.

acting: Bill Bixby does a good job as a tormented guy whose need to know _why_ ends up causing him even more pain. The woman who played Elaina made a compelling friend/love interest. Jack Colvin as the nosy reporter was annoying - but worse (SPOILER ALERT!!!) he was indirectly responsible for Elaina's death and so I got a feeling of unfinished business when he came out alive and well.

final word: Dated but entertaining TV comic-book drama.

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