The Incredible Hulk

"Give me a REAL fight!"    - Abomination

release year: 2008
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/27/13 and 10/25/08

synopsis: Bruce Banner is hiding out, keeping quiet, and not becoming green and angry...until the U.S. military finds him and provokes him.

impressions: Putting aside the fact that the military is techincally responsible for all the death and destruction in this movie (because the Hulk wouldn't have appeared if not for the military) I have to say that this had plenty of action and was much better than the first movie. Of course, the first movie was made by a director of dramas, not action movies, so its faults are no real surprise. Heck, the opening sequence of this sequel is a montage that basically re-writes the origin of the Hulk and erases the first movie from canon! Anyway, I digress. The thing about the Hulk is that he's like an inert nuclear warhead: not at all dangerous if left alone, but everybody wants to find him and contain him anyway. See the paradox here? Fortunately for movie-watchers who must be entertained, the Hulk does appear, and he has a foe every bit his equal in the Abomination. Together, they destroy a lot of things and keep us entertained for almost two hours.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Two gigantic green titans doing battle with punches that could topple buildings.

acting: Edward Norton is Bruce Banner, who had actually successfully gained control of his rage before being hunted down and forced to fight. Tim Roth is the soldier whose hate drives him to become the Abomination. Liv Tyler is Betty Ross, who loves and helps Bruce. William Hurt is General Ross, whose stupidity and aggressive nature caused all of this. Lou Ferrigno has a cameo and also provides the voice of the Hulk.

final word: Good smashing destruction movie.

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