The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Katniss: "How can any of us even trust each other?"
Haymitch: "It's not about trust. It's about staying alive."

release year: 2013
genre: action/drama
viewing setting: home Bluray 3/11/14

synopsis: The chick who won last time unknowingly becomes a symbol of hope to the oppressed masses.

impressions: I won't go into the plot much; suffice it to say that despite winning last year, Katniss finds that she'll never escape the influence of the world's evil rulers...and then they put her into another, even more dangerous competition. But other things are going on, the birth, perhaps, or a revolution. The thing I kept thinking about, with regards to the rich ruling class, was "what makes these people think they're so special?" They were like wealthy aristocrats who obsessed with their hair and makeup and clothes and wouldn't have lasted five minutes against some of the kids who were being forced to fight each other.

acting: Jennifer Lawrence gives a strong performance as a tough, smart, resourceful teenage girl who's become a symbol of hope for the oppressed masses. Josh Hutcherson is her ally in the games, who cares for her despite trying not to. Woody Harrelson is the alcoholic winner of a past competition who helps them train for this one. Elizabeth Banks is the overly fashionable woman whose job it is to mold the competitors' images into something the viewing public will like. Lenny Kravitz' character has a similar function, but is much more down-to-earth (and helpful.) Stanley Tuuci is the host of the show, so to speak, and does this with a dramatic flair. Donald Sutherland is the evil President.

final word: Good sequel in a gripping saga.

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