Ice Crawlers

release year: 2003
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 12/14/03

synopsis: Prehistoric worm is loose in remote, cut-off Antarctic research station, terrorizes students, drillers, scientists.

impressions: Good try, but...blah. This was an "almost" movie that could have benefitted from a better monster and the lack of some unusual directorial techniques. Every so often, we got a scene of the snow and ice outside, as if to remind us that the action was still taking place in the Antarctic. Far more annoying was each death scene, where the dying character (and us) got to see a quick compliation of recent events in their life, even as they were being killed. Again, though, the number one problem here was the monster...killer TRILOBYTES? Excuse me? Yes, it was those things we always see in the museum, as fossils, except bigger and with tentacles that no one can fight or escape. After careful thought, I find that I just can't consider this a legitimate monster menace. I guess someone had to try it sometime, though.

things to watch for: Some odd things: a gorgeous woman who almost gets naked, then gets killed; a monster that comes and goes as it pleases, despite locked and sealed rooms; the hairiest actor ever to appear in a movie; the guy who played the big blond German Stamper in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies.

something this movie has that no other movie has: Carnovorous trilobytes.

acting: The big German simply cannot act effectively due to his thick accent. Memorable were the perky student and the computer geek.

final word: Watchable, but only once.

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