I Come In Peace

Agent Smith: "Who is that guy?"
Caine: "Some asshole from outer space."

release year: 1990
genre: sci-fi/action
viewing setting: home Bluray 3/7/15

synopsis: A tough cop finds himself involved in the machinations of an alien drug dealer.

impressions: This was a hybrid of two genres (buddy cop movie, alien invasion movie) with the alien being a drug dealer who injects heroin into unwilling victims, then harvests the resulting chemicals to take back to his own planet. Weird, but it works. Other featured elements here: alien super guns, white collar criminals with expensive cars and machine guns, good alien who's trying to stop the other one, love interest who's also the coroner, shady government agents.

acting: Dolph Lundgren has one of his most American roles, as a tough American cop. Brian Benben channels Miguel Ferrer as a cocky junior FBI agent. Matthias Hues is the tall, silent, dangerous alien. Jay Bilas, who plays the good alien, went on to be a college basketball coach and analyst.

the "hey, haven't I seen that guy in other movies?" factor: Al Leong, dimunitive Asian tough guy, dies as usual, but this is his shortest lifespan ever (he appears at 49:08 and is shown dead at 50:23)

body count: 21 confirmed kills

asses kicked by Dolph Lundgren: 4

final word: Entertaining mix of buddy-cop and alien genres.

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