The Ides of March

release year: 2011
genre: political drama
viewing setting: theater, 10/15/11

synopsis: This is a fictional examination of the various goings-on behind the scenes within a Presidential candidate's campaigh, including a lot of plotting, backstabbing, and secrets.

impressions: I really can't delve into the plot without giving things away, but most of the characters in this movie are manipulating people or events to suit their own desires. There's also the theme of the loss of innocence of a young staff member, as he realizes all the crap that goes on behind the curtain.

acting: Ryan Gosling is the young, somewhat idealistic junior campaign manager. George Clooney is the politician. Phhilip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti are fellow campaign managers, out for blood. Marisa Tomei is an evil reporter.

final word: Good, hard-hitting and probably closer to truth than we think.

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