I Know What You Did Last Summer

release year: 1997
genre: horror/suspense
viewing setting: theater, 11/17/97 (snuck in after The Jackal)
what I expected: Scream 1 1/2
what I got: just about that - a movie much like Scream

synopsis: Four happy teens are involved in an accidental murder in the middle of nowhere, and they decide to cover it up. Bad idea, since someone knows...someone with an ice hook...

impressions: Not a bad horror flick. Kevin Williamson (who also wrote Scream and the upcoming Scream 2) seems to have a knack for penning tightly-plotted, teen-oriented, keep-you-guessing horror thrillers. The true identity of the killer was definitely a surprise. Necessary note: at least one of the four kids was a rotten, irresponsible spoiled brat who deserved all the misery that could be heaped upon him.

acting: Good to decent, though there were really only four leads; two of them were nubile young ladies.

interesting note: Ten minutes into this movie, ushers came through the theater and booted out all the kids who looked under 17 and couldn't show ID. I'd never seen this before.

final word: If you liked Scream, chances are you'll like this.

rating: C+

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