release year: 2002
genre: horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/2/03

synopsis: Weird mutated houseflies menace a small group of friends in a remote lakeside house.

impressions: It's not as stupid as I just made it sound. This was kind of The Big Chill meets Prince of Darkness meets Night of the Living Dead. The basic idea is that these normal flies have some kind of communal intelligence and also the ability to swarm into a person's mouth and kind of take them over. Gross, but it made for a fairly entertaining movie. In fact, it was kind of a rip on The Big Chill, as the friends first gather for the funeral of one of their number, planning to hang out and catch up over the weekend at a house in the middle of nowhere. The only problem is that the flies are in the area.

acting: Surprisingly good - even though most of these were stereotypes (much like the characters in the movie I mentioned) they were identifiable, and by the end, the few who were left were easy to root for. The woman who played Jesse was awesome; she knew how to fight and definitely took the battle to the enemy.

final word: A good "bad" creature feature movie.

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