Ip Man

"Good kung fu does not depend on age or gender...but on how well you fight. You will understand in a bit."   - Ip Man, after being challenged

release year: 2008
genre: martial arts drama/action
viewing setting: home Bluray 4/18/18

synopsis: Young martial arts master Ip Man must protect his family while dealing with challenges from both Chinese and Japanese.

impressions: It was a little odd, and there were some cultural elements that I recognized but didn't fully understand...but one thing's for sure: this movie has some incredible kung fu fight scenes. It's also an account of the life of one of China's most beloved and legendary heroes. Ip Man remains calm most of the time...until something pushes him. It happened twice: first when he realized that his friend had been killed, and challenged ten fighters at once, and beat them quickly and ruthlessly...and second when his family was menaced by a small squad of soldiers (for about thirty seconds, which is the time it took him to deal with them.) The final fight scene against the Japanese general was good too.

acting: Donnie Yen is outstanding, both with his acting and his action scenes. Lynn Hung is his very patient and understanding wife. Simon Yam is a helpful businessman friend. Hiroyuki Ikeuchi is a Japanese general who likes and practices martial arts. Tenma Shibuya is a sniveling, cowardly Japanese officer and crony.

final word: Pretty damn good martial arts biography action.

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