It's Alive!

release year: 1974
genre: horror/drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/2/04

synopsis: Monster baby is born, kills some doctors, escapes into the city, is hunted by police as well as its father.

impressions: This was one of those 1970s movies that showed us what could happen due to unchecked pollution and use of chemicals in food, pesticides, etc. It's a mix of horror (the always-effective menace of something small and lethal) and drama (society and the parents' reaction to their child.) Ultimately, I think this is a drama, covering two topics: 1) the way you're suddenly ostracized if you do (or in this case, produce) something non-normal, and 2) how you can love a child even if it's different. Of course, this one is really different, since it has claws and teeth and is able to kill an entire group of doctors right after being born.

body count: 11 humans, 1 cat

things to watch for: the milkman scene was fairly entertaining

something this movie has that no other movie has: a murderous mutant baby

acting: John Ryan does a great job as the father, who slowly begins to feel affection for his horrific offspring. Sharon Farrell plays his wife, and despite the circumstances, this character was far too confused/insane/useless. James Dixon played the concerned but practical police chief.

final word: The first of the killer-baby trilogy, a drama-heavy horror movie that addresses some deep societal issues.

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