Jack Frost

release year: 1996
genre: horror
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 12/13/97
what I expected: bad horror movie
what I got: bad horror movie

synopsis: The truck carrying mass murderer Jack Frost to his execution hits a truckful of genetic waste, and Jack is merged with the snow to become an animated snowman with an attitude.

impressions: This movie was terrible. Not only was the body count fairly low (8) but Jack Frost used every corny cold-related line in the book. The plot contained even more bad twists than most horror movies. At one point, it turns out that a kid put antifreeze in his dad's oatmeal to make sure he didn't get cold! Come on! Another major problem: no nudity! This is okay as long as the movie doesn't lead one to believe that there will be nudity, which this one did. Tease city! All in all, this was a pretty cheesy horror movie, and even if that was the intention (which we think it was) it's still a problem. Overheard from one viewer at the end: "Well, look. The same guy wrote and directed it...that means there's no excuse."

acting: Actually, it was fairly decent, considering. Better than the acting in Jack-O, to be sure.

quote: "We should have never left him in the sun..."
quote: "It ain't Fuckin' Frosty."

final word: This is a good lesson in how not to make a horror movie.

rating: D

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