Jason Bourne

release year: 2016
genre: action/suspense
viewing setting: home Bluray 5/7/20

synopsis: Superspy Jason Bourne is dragged out of obscurity by a well-meaning friend with new information on his past, and ends up both fighting for his life and stopping the CIA's latest scheme.

impressions: It was good an action-packed, but confusing at times (as this entire series is, after five movies.) There was a strong dose of the "if you have some computers, you can do anything" element, in which rooms full of people and computers instantly obey their bosses' orders to find and do pretty much anything. Except, of course, when the plot no longer calls for it, e.g. online cameras and satellites are used to track Bourne until the firefight is over, at which time he just walks away and everyone seems to forget about him. Also of note as a possible technical inaccuracy: a hung-up phone is used to hack a laptop. Makes no sense to me. Then again, in a high-speed action movie like this, those details probably don't matter.

acting: Matt Damon is still at it, and doesn't appear to have aged or slowed down much. Tommy Lee Jones is a gruff, unlikeable CIA director. Alicia Vikander is a super-IT woman who gets involved in both of their agendas. Vincent Cassel is "the Asset", a ruthless assassin.

final word: Solid chapter in this action/spy franchise.

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