release year: 1975
genre: horror/drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/16/01
what I expected: n/a - I'd seen it several times before
what I got: kick-ass ground- (water-) breaking horror

synopsis: Giant shark enters populated waters and feeds at will.

impressions: This is an acknowledged classic, and made an impact when it came out back in 1975. It sets the mood quite well before each shark attack, and also blends that horror with the stupidity of those who can't comprehend what they're dealing with. Eventually, when the danger is finally accepted by all, several of the main characters set out on a boat to hunt and kill the shark. This trip is the real meat of the movie, a high adventure whose tension never lets up.

acting: Outstanding, from all three leads (Roy Scheider as the police chief, Richard Dreyfuss as the shark expert, and Robert Shaw as the shark hunter.)

final word: Entertaining as well as original for its time, it still holds up. If by some chance you've never seen it, you should.

rating: B

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