Journey to the Center of the Earth

"Do you realize we know less about the earth we live on than about the stars and galaxies of outer space? The greatest mystery is right here. Right under our feet!"   - Lindenbrook

release year: 1959
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/14/14

synopsis: A small band of people set out to explore the depths of the earth.

impressions: This was, of course, based on the 1864 novel, which was written before we knew that the center of the world wasn't a place you could walk around in. Nevertheless, this is a movie that both kids and adults can enjoy, a movie from a simpler time when things were different. It mixes some fantastical elements with good characters and a bit of humor too.

acting: James Mason is the senior professor and leader, a mix of competence and chauvinism. Pat Boone is his young, brash, happy student. Arlene Dahl is the widow of another scientist, who joins them. Peter Ronson is a towering Icelandic kid who also joins them. Thayer David is the evil scientist who will stop at nothing to get all the glory.

final word: Good old-fashioned adventure.

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