Justified (season 2)

release year: 2011
genre: crime drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/8-12/13

synopsis: The second season introduces some new antagonists, the Bennett family, and also deals with work and home issues for Raylan and his ex-wife, as well as exploring the possible rehabilitation of Boyd Crowder.

impressions: Sounds like a damn soap opera, but it isn't, really. One thing I notied is that the line between right and wrong got a lot more blurred in this second season. Also, Boyd probably would have become a decent, regular guy if only anybody had given him a chance and stopped assuming the worst of him every time. Also, Raylan tends to judge (or arrest) people for minor crimes, when he himself (or those close to him) sometimes do things that are just as bad. And he antagonizes people needlessly - he's not a nice guy, and the friction he creates often leads to problems and bloodshed. Episode briefs:
  • (1) Introduction of the Bennetts, who have long history with Raylan's family
  • (2) The transport of a pregnant fugitive becomes complicated
  • (3) A shipment of drugs is intercepted by other bad guys
  • (4) Another marshal's brother-in-law goes on the run and must be captured
  • (5) Raylan begins to antagonize the Bennetts further
  • (6) Winona steals money from the evidence locker, but then it gets taken from her in a random bank robbery
  • (7) Raylan and Winona keep trying to get the money put back, but things keep popping up to stop them
  • (8) A corporate lawyer tries to convince the locals to sell their land
  • (9) The Bennetts sell out to line their own pockets, and Loretta figures out that they killed her father
  • (10) Various criminal empires shift and change
  • (11) After he and Winona are almost killed by hitmen, Raylan takes matters into his own hands
  • (12) Raylan's stepmother is killed, and revenge looms
  • (13) Everything escalates into all-out war

  • acting: Timothy Olyphant is the quirky main character Raylan, who follows up on this threats, notices details and puts them together to figure things out, and can't get along with any woman for long. Walton Goggins is the clever former criminal who tries and fails to reform. Margo Martindale is the matriarch of a dangerous family of criminals. Nick Searcy is the head Marshal who cuts his people as much slack as he can. Natalie Zea is Raylan's ex-wife who's still involved in his life. Jacob Pitts and Erica Tazel are the other Marshals in the office.

    final word: Gritty and entertaining crime drama set in an unusual town

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