Justified (season 4)

release year: 2013
genre: crime drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 2/9-11/14

synopsis: The fourth season revolves around an unsolved mystery from thirty years ago: some guy fell out of a plane with a bunch of cocaine, but it turns out the body isn't who it's supposed to be, and there are some secrets related to all of this.

impressions: In addition to the main plotline - which runs all the way through the final episode of the season - there are several tangential ones. Boyd has the usual problems associated with running a criminal empire. Raylan has money and romance problems, plus a baby on the way with his ex-wife who he's not with anymore. A couple of the other marshals get side stories. This season had some cool moments, and Raylan definitely outwitted bad guys a couple of times. Episode briefs:
  • (1) The mystery of the corpse from the sky is introduced
  • (2) The marshals track down the family of the dead parachutist
  • (3) The reason for the missing guy fleeing is revealed; Boyd's issues with the revival preacher come to a head
  • (4) Raylan has it out with his girlfriend's ex-husband; Ellen May disappears before she can be killed
  • (5) Raylan tracks Drew Thompson into the hills, while the Detroit mob increases the pressure to find Thompson
  • (6) Everyone chases a guy with a severed foot
  • (7) Raylan gets sidetracked chasing a fugitive who killed an old friend of his; Boyd gets drawn into high-level criminal politics
  • (8) Arlo gets killed in prison for knowing too much about the fugitive, while a hitman goes around murdering people
  • (9) The current identity of the fugitive is finally revealed, although he escapes
  • (10) Limehouse ends up with both people who everone wants, and plans to charge for them
  • (11) The marshals coming to help Raylan are stopped by an ambush, while hitmen close in on Raylan and his prisoner
  • (12) Evil henchman Colton finally gets what's coming to him; Boyd and Ava hatch one last plan to protect themselves; hitmen infiltrate Winona's house
  • (13) Raylan and Winona find themselves staring down the wrong end of several guns, but gets out of it; the mobster is dealt with; Boyd's fortunes take a turn for the worse

  • acting: Timothy Olyphant is the quirky main character Raylan, who backs up his words with action, notices details and puts them together to figure things out, and can't get along with any woman for long. Walton Goggins is Raylan's childhood friend who's now an aspiring criminal kingpin; in this season he begins thinking about a better life and legacy. Joelle Carter is Boyd's woman, who becomes more competent and involved in this season. Jacob Pitts is the young marshal who gets some moments to shine this time. I could go on and on, but there are dozens of characters by this point.

    final word: Gritty and entertaining crime drama set in a somewhat-backwards area.

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