Justified (season 5)

release year: 2014
genre: crime drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/2-4/15 (13 episodes)

synopsis: The fifth season revolves around the family of a minor character, who come to Kentucky to make a fresh start in crime but end up causing more problems.

impressions: As always, there are other plotlines which are tangential to the main one. The Crowe family has some members who want to live normal lives, and it has some bad apples (a couple of whom are far too stupid to ever succeed as criminals or anything else.) There are also problems from criminal associates in Canada and Mexico, plus Ava has to worry about staying alive in prison.

acting: Putting aside the existing characters, it might be best to focus on the notable new ones. Michael Rapaport is the leader of the Crowes, and despite being a redneck, is also one of the only intelligent ones too. Alicia Witt is the Crowe sister who's trying to make it in the world but keeps getting dragged into her brothers' problems. Amy Smart is Raylan's love interest, a government worker with some issues. John Kapelos (perhaps first seen as the janitor in the Breakfast Club) is a Detroit tough guy.

final word: Gritty and entertaining crime drama set in a somewhat-backwards area.

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