Killing Gunther

release year: 2017
genre: comedy/action
viewing setting: home Bluray 2/4/18

synopsis: A hitman wants to be the best, which necessitates getting rid of the best, so he assembles a group of fellow killers to get it done, and also has a film crew document the whole effort.

impressions: This was a fairly entertaining comedy/action hybrid, with some quirks. The banter between some of the crew, and between them and the film crew, is often funny...and there's plenty of action, both serious and played for laughs. My advice: don't watch the trailer, because it gives away too much. There are also several twists late in the proceedings that I didn't see coming.

acting: Taran Killam, who I've never heard of, is a kind of dorky hitman who aims a little too high. Bobby Moynihan is the bearded explosives expert who quickly becomes the character the viewer will likely sympathize with. Hannah Simone is a lethal foreign hitwoman. There are others, each with their skills and quirks. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the elusive and full-of-surprises Gunther.

final word: Silly but entertaining.

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