Kiss of the Dragon

release year: 2001
genre: action/martial arts
viewing setting: home DVD, 9/27/02

synopsis: Karate cop from China gets framed while on a mission in Paris.

impressions: Basic martial arts mayhem with a bit too much plot. My main problem was with the Bridget Fonda character; this would have been a fine movie without a useless and dependent character linked to the bad guy. This movie had another problem: the police (who were really bad guys) just ran around and shot innocent people in public, with no regard for the ramifications. The Professional also had this going on, and it really bothered me then, too. Fleshing out your evil bad guys is one thing, but this is just over the top. Anyway, to the film's merits: Jet Li kicks ass! Everyone's ass, in fact. I found myself wishing the slow parts would end so that I could see some more fighting. No one will be disappointed by the fighting in this film.

things to watch for: At 1:23, Jet Li inadvertently walks into a karate class full of angry bad guys. Yes!

acting: Jet Li did well, especially considering that he's had to learn English - he's actually trying. However, it's his fists and feet that really do the talking here. The main French bad guy was appropriately nasty. Bridget Fonda, as usual, was a waste; she turns in a whiny performance that contributes nothing.

final word: Good ass-kicking action.

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