Kolchak: The Night Stalker - episode 12 (The Energy Eater)

release year: 1974
genre: TV horror/suspense
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/28/05

what Kolchak faces in this episode: Matchemonedo, a gigantic invisible legendary Native American spirit-beast that feeds on energy.

impressions: While this one had some tense moments and interesting monster "attacks", it also had some plot flaws. I mean, people would be standing there staring at the thing, and then we'd get cut to another scene where those same people were elsewhere and alive and well. Huh? If this thing has proven that it tends to kill people, you can't just cut away from a scene where people are standing nearby the monster. on the plus side, this episode featured some good Kolchak-outwitting-others moments, and he was a bit of a smart-aleck too.

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