Kong: Skull Island

"This planet doesn't belong to us. Ancient species owned this earth long before mankind. I spent 30 years trying to prove the truth: monsters exist." - Randa

release year: 2017
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home Bluray `0/5/19 and 7/26/17 and theater 3/12/17

synopsis: An expedition heads to a mysterious remote island, and finds monsters.

impressions: This was pretty good fact-paced adventure, with plenty of action, a full range of characters, and some giant monsters. In case you didn't know, one of its purposes was to bring King Kong into the Godzilla monster universe (which is one reason you should stay for the post-credits scene.) Not only did Kong look realistic, but he actually showed some intelligence - there was reasoning behind some of his actions.

acting: Tom Hiddleston is the good guy we're supposed to root for - he keeps his head about him and always seems to do the right thing. Samuel Jackson is the good guy we're not supposed to root for - the Vietnam War ended too early for him and he's just looking for a fight. Brie Larson is the photographer who's in completely over her head on this dangerous island. John C. Reilly is a WWII survivor who's been stranded on the island for 28 years, and who helps out. John Goodman is the lying government guy in charge of the mission.

final word: highly entertaining adventure/monster film.

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