release year: 1983
genre: fantasy
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 9/11/97
what I expected: couldn't remember (I saw it when I was a kid)
what I got: basically ok fantasy adventure with a number of cheesy parts

synopsis: The Beast flies about the universe in his huge fortress, landing on worlds whenever he pleases so that his Slayers can go forth and conquer. Now it's the world of Krull's turn, and a band of heroes must stop the evil.

impressions: This had all the basic elements of a good fantasy movie, but many of the interconnecting parts were corny or contrived. Still, it did give me some cool ideas.

acting: Nobody major here, but they all do decent-to-good jobs.

early appearance: Liam Neeson, as one of the thieves-turned-heroes.

final word: Watchable, but not a classic.

rating: C-

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