Kung Fury

"I guess you could say that. In the 1940s, Hitler was a kung-fu champion. He was so good at kung-fu, that he decided to change his name to 'Kung F├╝hrer'. But he didn't stop there. He knew the Kung Fury prophecy, and wanted to claim the throne, so he and his posse of Nazi soldiers conducted experiments for years. They were never able to figure how to master the art of Kung Fury. Then one day, he disappeared from the face of the Earth. And no one has seen him ever since, until now. I guess if he figured he can find the Chosen One and kill him, He will become Kung Fury himself. He must have traveled in time in order to get here, which is probably why he disappeared in the first place."   - Kung Fury

release year: 2015
genre: martial arts/humor/action
viewing setting: online 10/17/20

synopsis: A super-karate cop goes back in time to stop Adolf Hitler from ruling the world with his kung fu.

impressions: This was a crowdfunded, low-budget production that crammed all sorts of things into a half-hour movie: martial arts, over-the-top action, dinosaurs, Thor, barbarian warrior-women, giant robots, Nazis, time travel, 80s synth music, and more.

acting: David Sangberg is Kung Fury, a young tough cop. Jorma Taccone is Adolf Hitler. Leopold Nilsson is the super-hacker. Andreas Cahling is a buff, middle-aged Thor. Eleni Young and Helene Ahlson are warrior-women from the prehistoric past. David Hasslehoff makes a voice appearance as the voice of Kung Fury's exotic sports car.

final word: Insane and funny over-the-top low-budget film.

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