La Femme Nikita

release year: 1990
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 5/27/98
what I expected: foreign basis for Point of No Return
what I got: same film, different style

synopsis: a drug-addicted girl who doesn't give a shit about anything is taken and transformed (unwillingly at first) into an assassin

impressions: This movie was the basis for the other, and now I can see why they re-made it with American flavor. It's a little too French for my liking, despite the presence of Jean Reno as a top hitman. Still, it is entertaining, and it is original.

acting: The girl who played Marie did okay, but I thought the guy who played her mentor did a better job. Of course, Jean Reno's role was the best. Who else can take several rounds in the chest, then turn and calmly blow away six assailants?

final word: Good, and the original deal, but perhaps hard to watch at times - your tastes will vary.

rating: C

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