Lake Placid

release year: 1999
genre: horror/drama
viewing setting: home DVD 5/7/16 and theater, 7/16/99
what I expected: corny monster movie
what I got: actually, a monster movie that focused a lot on the humans too

synopsis: Giant crocodile gets caught eating people in a remote Maine lake, what to do, what to do?

impressions: Well...on the plus side, it was entertaining. The croc was big - big enough to fit on the bed of an 18-wheeler - and it looked real, and it did cool things like chase people and eat people and leave pieces of their bodies lying around. There was a cute female deputy and a worm-infested toe and a severed head and a snake and even a bear! There was sufficient humor and mystery and even a few surprises, and most of the cast worked well together. On the flip side...I said "most" of the characters. Bridget Fonda's was a stupid whiny weak one who was irritating for most of her screen time. I guess people like that really do exist, and even get stuck in tense situations with normal people, but still...cripes. Other things: 1) when you KNOW there's a giant hungry croc roaming about, common sense would dictate that you stay OUT of the lake...2) the croc didn't take advantage of some of its chances to feast. This ties into the other problem: the body count was FAR lower than anticipated.

"We're doing the right thing."
"Things may be a little different if we get eaten."

acting: Bill Pullman and the sheriff-guy were okay, nothing super. Oliver Platt was a bit more entertaining as the weird professor of crocodiles. Bridget Fonda...ech. And, as mentioned, I really liked the cute female deputy.

body count: 2 humans, 1 moose, 1 bear, 1 cow, 1 giant croc.

final word: Entertaining, but needed a higher body count.

rating: C

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