The Last Boy Scout

Jimmy Dix: "You're a real bastard, you know that?"
Joe Hallenbeck: "And then some."

release year: 1991
genre: action
viewing setting: home Bluray 1/1/20 and home DVD, 1/6/03 and home laserdisc, 12/2/97

synopsis: Two washed-up tough guys (one a former Secret Service agent, the other a former star NFL player) get involved in a plot involving gambling and football.

   Joe Hallenbeck: ex-Secret Service agent gone to seed, likes to crack jokes while being a bad-ass
   Jimmy Dix: ex-NFL quarterback and all-around nice guy, has a painkiller problem
   Marcone: NFL owner, wants to make money from legalized gambling
   Milo: evil yuppie henchman, enjoys violence and torture
   Chet: another evil henchman, doesn't take Joe's warning seriously and pays the price
   Senator Baynard: chairman of the Committee on Organized Gambling, which makes him an obstacle to Marcone
   Sarah: Joe's wife, she's cheating on him
   Darian: Joe's daughter, who's become antisocial due to her parents' problems
   Cory: stripper and girlfriend of Jimmy, has evidence on Marcone
   Mike: Joe's buddy, who just happens to be sleeping with Joe's wife
   the Lieutenant: he doesn't like Joe and wants to pin every death and explosion on him
   the other main cop: nice guy who believes in Joe, meets Milo at the wrong time
   Big Ray: linebacker who likes to abuse women, he gets to see how good Jimmy's throwing arm still is

impressions: This movie rules. It rules! It's one of the great R-rated buddy action movies, and a classic at that: it has guns, fights, random violence, nasty bad guys, wisecracking good guys, a fast pace, and a sensible plot. I really like how good a job Bruce Willis does of playing a character who has just about nothing left to lose - it makes his cool lines even more cool.

things to watch for: 1:04, when Joe warns the henchman not to touch him again and then follows through on his promise.

acting: Bruce Willis plays the burned-out hero in a lot of his movies, but this is one of the best such performances. Damon Wayans plays off of that, bringing a little more humor into the movie, and it works. Taylor Negron is sinister as main evil henchman Milo. Chelsea Field and Danielle Harris are also good as Joe's troubled wife and daughter.

final word: A mighty action movie with wisecracking thrown in - a must-see.

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