The Last Witch Hunter

"I could have killed every last one of you. I've done the math. I've had the time."   - Kaulder

release year: 2015
genre: fantasy action
viewing setting: home Bluray 2/16/16

synopsis: Cursed to never die, a witch hunter continues to hunt witches in modern times, 800 years later.

impressions: A lot of movies iwth immortal characters try to show how such a long life would get boring, or sad, or it was nice to here, here, an immortal character who actually enjoys some of the pleasures of life. This movie was like a darker Harry Potter - some of the witches are evil, and gross. At first I wondered to myself, why would the witch queen make a powerful enemy immortal? By the end of the movie, that plot hole was solved. There was a lot of action and some cool fantasy elements.

acting: Vin Diesel does a good job, playing a somewhat-interesting ageless warrior. Rose Leslie is the witch who gets drawn into his problems. Elijah Wood is a priest who's allied with the witch hunter. Some big wild-bearded-guy named Olafur is a powerful evil witch who's trying to bring back his queen.

final word: Entertaining dark fantasy set in modern times.

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