Lock Up

release year: 1989
genre: jail action
viewing setting: home Bluray 4/1/13

synopsis: A model inmate with a short time left on his sentence is transfered to a tough prison run by a sadistic warden who hates him.

impressions: Entertaining, and one of the last Stallone movies in which he looked young and slim. He's just trying to finish his time and get out, and the movie is really about him not giving up (or giving in and resorting to violence) although in the end, he finally does snap.

acting: Stallone is less a man of action here, and more of a guy who wants to help and inspire his buddies. Donald Sutherland is the evil warden, a truly unlikable character. John Amos is the head guard, who's a real badass. Sonny Landham is the brutal yard boss. Tom Sizemore is a fellow inmate who never seems to stop talking.

final word: Decent jail/survival movie.

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