The Long Arm of the Law

release year: 1984
genre: Hong Kong gunfire drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/16/2000
what I expected: no idea
what I got: fairly boring drama about a bunch of stupid young wanna-be bank robbers

synopsis: Six boys decide to be bank robbers, but run into all sorts of problems and delays before they can pull off their big heist.

impressions: Boring. I realize that this was one of the first of the non-martial arts Hong Kong movies, and I realize that the genre wasn't really established when this came out. Nevertheless, the movie made little sense and it dragged along, and I didn't really enjoy watching it. Even the big gunfight near the end was anticlimactic.

acting: Fine, though I can't fairly evaluate the movie since it was subtitled.

final word: I'm sure this movie has an audience somewhere, but it wasn't for me.

rating: C-

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