Look Who's Talking

release year: 1989
genre: comedy
viewing setting: home VHS, 8/6/97
what I expected: n/a - I'd seen it before
what I got: more reasons why babies are cool (as long as they're someone else's)

synopsis: If a baby could think aloud for an audience to hear, what would it say? We find out, as little Mikey chats before, during, and after his birth (only other babies can hear him, and talk back.) Meanwhile, his single mother tries to find him a good father, with often-hilarious results.

impressions: I'm a sucker, but dammit, I LIKE this one! It always makes me laugh, and shows the lighter side of raising a baby.

acting: Kirstie Alley is the single mom, John Travolta is the cab driver who falls for her and Mikey. Bruce Willis does the "voice" of Mikey. All of them bring something to their roles, and the chemistry is great.

final word: If you've just had a baby, or want to preview the high side of having one, or want to remember what it was like, or just need some good laughs...this movie's for you.

rating: B-

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