Lords of the Deep

release year: 1989
genre: sci-fi/horror
viewing setting: home VHS, 11/12/99
what I expected: based on the box? a good underwater horror movie
what I got: a cheap Abyss rip-off

synopsis: People living underwater encounter aliens, most want to meet them, but the commander wants to destroy them.

impressions: Did this movie want to be Alien? Or The Abyss? Or 2001? Or 2010? It never could decide, and that, coupled with really bad acting and plot, absolutely sunk it. Why was this movie set in 2020? No reason. Why did the computer have a stupid female voice that said stupid things? No idea. Why were there always undersea earthquakes, yet nobody would admit it? No clue. Why did the crew members' guns look like giant spark plugs? No explanation. Why did I rent this movie? No idea.

body count: riddled with fake deaths - this wasn't a horror movie

acting: Terrible. The commander, played by Bradford Dillman of Piranha fame, was a combination of the corniest parts of Kirk and Picard, and was just plain stupid. The main woman scientist perpetually had a look on her face that suggested that she was really worried and/or about to cry.

final word: Don't waste your time.

rating: D

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