Malibu Shark Attack

"There was a shark in the parking lot."    - random guy

release year: 2009
genre: SyFy monster
viewing setting: TV, 8/30/14

synopsis: Some prehistoric sharks emerge from the ocean bottom after an earthquake, and the resulting tsunami fills the streets with water, allowing the sharks to feed.

impressions: Sounds promising, but all that really happened is the sharks stalked two groups of people trapped in their near-the-beach flooded places. Well, I take that back: one shark leapt into the air to grab a victim off a dock. The humans were fairly stupid for the most part, and the sharks had these huge protruding snouts.

acting: A heavier-than-in-the-past Peta Wilson spends the entire movie looking worried and trying to decide which guy she wants to be with. The sharks also did a decent job.

final word: Worth watching once if you must see all shark movies, but nothing exceptional.

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