Mars (season 2)

release year: 2018
genre: space exploration drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 9/30-10/1/19

synopsis: This 6-episode miniseries' second season deals with issues that would likely happen after an initial colonization of Mars: the fallout from aggressive progress/mining, industrial concerns and greed taking over. As before, every episode features real-life scientists and space program veterans talking about what it would take to successfully get to Mars and colonize it. These discussions are intercut with the fictional events in the 2030s.

impressions: The back-and-forth works because the real/2018 parts are current and relevant (and quite possibly correct) while the 2030s parts are visionary, dramatic, and entertaining. As mentioned, this season really zeroes in on corporate greed and its consequences.

acting: Jihae Kim has two roles, as twin sisters: one an astronaut-pilot, the other the head of Mission Control back on Earth. Sammi Rotibi is her engineer and right-hand man. Esai Morales is the head of the greedy industrial corporation, and Jeff Hephner is his mission commander on Mars, who's efficient and eager to the point of ruthlessness. Alberto Ammann and Clementine Poidatz are members of the original mission who now face a new challenge.

final word: This is about the best possible depiction of what colonization of Mars might be like. I hope more seasons are forthcoming.

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