Mars Attacks!

release year: 1996
genre: sci-fi parody
viewing setting: theater, December 1996
what I expected: something so bad it would be good
what I got: a movie that should have been funny, by virtue of nonsense, but really wasn't

synopsis: The Martians are here! Cartoonish, goofy-looking, and armed with wacky weapons and devices, they mean business. Will Earth survive?

impressions: This movie was foolish. I laughed sometimes, but mostly groaned. I don't understand it, because it looked like one of those that'd be so bad it was good. Nope, not for me anyway. Anyway, the special effects are noteworthy and well-done, there's no denying that.

acting: Mostly over-the-top, often amusing. The movie did have an all-star cast.

final word: If you like camp and cheese on a grand scale, you might enjoy this one.

rating: D

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