The Matrix: Revolutions

release year: 2003
genre: sci-fi
viewing setting: theater, 11/8/03

synopsis: It's time for the final conflict between humans and machines.

impressions: For once, I actually agree with Roger Ebert: this movie is far too confusing. Is there actually a real, tangible reality in which the humans actually physically live, and is the Matrix world just a virtual place where they project their consciousness? Or not? It sure would help if I knew that, or if the trilogy made any attempt to give a definite answer. Of course, it would also help if the movie didn't answer questions with questions, or have events that made no sense whatsoever. I can't complain further without spoiling the plot and ending for those who might care. My summation of this trilogy is now this: they started with a good original idea and some good special effects, then realized that they would become multi-millionaires on the strength of the special effects rather than plot or logic, so they focused on that and figured plot wasn't really that important. The sad truth is that they were right - these movies are making hundreds of millions of dollars despite making very little sense.

things to watch for: The Zion invasion by the machines - I may not like the plot, but the special effects are top-notch; it's a great battle scene (too bad I didn't understand why the battle had to take place.)

something this movie has that no other movie has: Live power cable to the eye!

acting: Keanu Reeves was fine as Neo, who seems only slightly less confused than the audience. Carrie-Ann Moss was once again nappy as love interest and fellow machine-fighter Trinity, whose great love for Neo seemed to lack conviction. Laurence Fishburne didn't have as much screen time, which was fine since his head looked like it had been inflated far beyond normal human size. Actually, the characters I thought were the best were the two women who ran around with the bazooka during the Zion battle.

final word: No plot + lots of bullets + pounding techno music + shades and leather trenchcoats + unexplained ending = visually fun, mentally and emotionally devoid. All of that stuff is cool to watch but it never answered one simple question: "Why?"

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