The Mechanic

"What I do requires a certain mindset. I do assignments...designated targets. Some jobs need to look like accidents. Others must cast suspicion on someone else. A select few need to send a clear message. Pulling a trigger is easy. The best jobs are the ones nobody even knows you were there."   - Arthur Bishop

release year: 2011
genre: action/drama remake
viewing setting: home Bluray, 11/19/17 and 3/21/16 and 9/26/15 and 12/12/14 and 3/15/14 and 1/4/14 and 8/21/12 and 8/1/11

synopsis: An experienced assassin takes his best friend's son under his wing to teach him the trade, while facing treachery from other fronts.

impressions: It had some good action scenes, but wasn't quite as good as the original because the original was a classic. However, each time I watch this, it does seem to get better for me. The two leads had less chemistry in this remake, and in fact the younger one was more like a burned-out punk who didn't think rationally most of the time. I still own and watch this one, though, because it does have a lot of cool planning and action sequences and the necessary basic plot. While I generally don't like remakes, this one showed a lot of respect for the original.

actual hits in this movie: 5, not counting various attempts against the two main characters

acting: Jason Statham is the veteran assassin; Ben Foster is the ambitious young punk who wants the same life. Donald Sutherland is Foster's criminal father and the mentor of the veteran. Tony Goldwyn is the evil mastermind behind everything.

final word: Good action/suspense and fun remake.

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